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A CSC is a security code on your credit card that helps us verify that the registrant has a legitimate card in hand at the time of registration. It is a three-digit number imprinted on the signature panel of Visa or MasterCard cards. On American Express cards, it is a four digit number printed on the front of the card.

A majority of the expense of planning a PDI is incurred before the PDI occurs. We must have the revenue generated from registration in order to pay these expenses. Registration at the early rate is open until May 1, which allows attendees to register and pay for the PDI closer to when they can file for reimbursement.

No. We do not have a registration rate for people who wish to attend for just one day, unless the person is a speaker and wishes to remain all day. All registrants pay the full amount. Single event tickets are available only for guests of registered attendees and only if space permits.

Breakfast is included in the PDI registration fee (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) as well as three lunches (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) and one dinner (Wednesday.)  Please note: if you do not use all of the meals offered, you will not receive a discount.

For more information on how to claim per diem, see the Defense Travel Management Office’s Per Diem Rates Query page.

In order to process a 1556 for registration, payment (credit card number or check) and a PDI registration form for each registrant must accompany the 1556. A 1556 that is received without payment cannot be processed.

Your agency may require you to fill out an SF-182 “Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training” form, but ASMC does not require this form and cannot guide you on your agency requirements to fill out the form.

However, if you need a signature to document training, we can provide this!  You must bring your SF-182 form to the registration booth at the PDI in person to get a signature.

There are fees that ASMC must pay for each payment transaction. The $50 covers the cost of these fees. Please be sure when submitting your registration, that you have followed your agency guidelines for training expenses.

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