Post PDI

By the end of June, PDI 2017 attendees will receive an email (sent by Registration HQ) to the primary email account that the registrant provided in completing the PDI registration.  The email will include documentation of all Mini-Courses and Workshops in which the individual participated based on attendee badge scan data.  As a reminder, this CPE documentation does not include provision of CPEs for presentations by general session speakers.  Because extremely long queues would occur, we do not scan for entry into general sessions.  You may self-document CPEs for the general sessions for CDFM recertification purposes.

The number of credits an individual can earn for participation in CDFM Training Modules, Mini-Courses, and Workshops are outlined at the end of each course description found on the Pre-PDI, Mini-course, and Workshop Descriptions page.

Note: If you did not receive email communications from RHQ or ASMC regarding your PDI registration, we strongly advise you to switch your primary ASMC contact email from your work email address to a personal email.  Due to DoD Firewalls and Security Protocols, you may not be receiving many email communications.  To change your primary email address with RHQ, please contact or call 702-798-8376.  To change your ASMC primary email, please log into your ASMC member profile at, or email

For more information, please contact Nicole St. Laurent at, or Brian Gresham at


Pre-PDI CDFM Training Modules & Mini-Course Evaluations

For attendees of pre-PDI CDFM Training Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4 conducted on Monday and Tuesday (29 and 30 May) and DoD FM Certification Program Mini-Courses conducted on Thursday and Friday (1 and 2 June), attendees were required to fill out the corresponding Evaluation before 16 June, in order to receive direct credit toward meeting DoD FMCP requirements.  Email reminders were sent both after the completion of each CDFM Training Module/Mini-Course, as well as at the end of the PDI; as well as announced by Al Runnels at each General Session.  Those surveys are no longer available.

PLEASE READ:  There were no Mandatory Evaluations for Microsoft Workshops and other Workshops.  The Mandatory CDFM Training Module and Mini-Course Evaluations were ONLY for CDFM Training Modules and Mini-Courses.

Mandatory CDFM Training Module and Mini-Course Evaluations were ONLY for:

List of Modules:
1 CDFM Module 1 – Resource Management Environment (MONDAY)
2 CDFM Module 2 – Budget and Cost Analysis (MONDAY)
2 CDFM Module 2 – Budget and Cost Analysis (TUESDAY)
3 CDFM Module 3 – Accounting and Finance (TUESDAY)
4A/B CDFM Module 4 – Acquisition Business Management (MONDAY)
4A/B CDFM Module 4 – Acquisition Business Management (TUESDAY)

List of Mini-Courses:
13A/B Budget Execution and Performance Integration
14A/B Budgeting and Accounting: Making the Connection
15A/B Cost Concepts for Accounting Analysis
16A/B Cost-Benefit Analysis
17A/B Concepts, Techniques and Tools that Support Performance Budgeting
18A/B Operational Decision Support
19A/B Business Case Analysis
20A/B Enabling Informed Decision Making
21A/B Internal Controls: Meeting Federal Requirements for Accountability
23A/B Budget Execution and Performance Integration
24A/B Analytical Decision Making for Financial Managers
25A/B The Economic Environment and the Application of Economic Tools Supporting Financial Managers
26A/B Multi-criteria Decision-making for Financial Managers
27A/B Decision Support for Leaders
28A/B Risk Management

General Surveys

If you attended PDI, the overall General PDI Survey (including the three-question surveys applicable to each workshop attended) was delivered to your primary email address Thursday, 8 June 2017.  Once you open the overall PDI survey email, please take a moment to complete and submit the survey as soon as you can so we can continually improve your PDI experience.  The overall PDI Survey (incl. applicable workshop surveys) are different from the Mandatory CDFM Training Module and Mini-Course Evaluations (see above), which are required for you to obtain direct credit for Mini-courses in which you “fully participated.”

Note: Surveys are hosted on SurveyMonkey.  Due to Firewalls and Security Protocols, you might not be able to access the SurveyMonkey site.  We advise you access the surveys from your web-enabled smart device or your home computer.

Included in this year’s registration fee, VPDI 2017 will be available in July. As a PDI 2017 attendee, you will still need to register (but not pay) to access VPID 2017. More information will be available at in the next few weeks.


A verification of CPE earned at PDI will be sent to each attendee within four weeks of the PDI. You may also access your update link using your confirmation number and email of record at


All events, with the exception of some evening activities, will take place at the San Diego Convention Center.

As ambassadors of military services and government organizations, military and civilian personnel and their spouses should plan appropriate dress for the PDI.

Event Participants Daytime Event Attire
Army Army Service Uniform, Class B
Navy Summer White
Marine Corps Service Dress Charlie
Air Force Blue Short Sleeve
Coast Guard Tropical Blue
Civilian/guests Business casual attire


Stage participants may be asked to wear a different uniform than event attendees. Please check with guidance you may have received as an award winner or speaker.

Wednesday Welcome Dinner dress is casual.

Yes, we will have computers available where you can access your e-mail as long as you bring your ISP account number assigned by your agency and any special login instructions. We will also have CAC Card readers available.

Yes, complimentary WiFi is available at the San Diego Convention Center, Lobbies A-H areas only with limited bandwidth.


A CSC is a security code on your credit card that helps us verify that the registrant has a legitimate card in hand at the time of registration. It is a three-digit number imprinted on the signature panel of Visa or MasterCard cards. On American Express cards, it is a four digit number printed on the front of the card.

A majority of the expense of planning a PDI is incurred before the PDI occurs. We must have the revenue generated from registration in order to pay these expenses. Registration at the early rate is open until May 1, which allows attendees to register and pay for the PDI closer to when they can file for reimbursement.

No. We do not have a registration rate for people who wish to attend for just one day, unless the person is a speaker and wishes to remain all day. All registrants pay the full amount. Single event tickets are available only for guests of registered attendees and only if space permits.

Breakfast is included in the PDI registration fee (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) as well as three lunches (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) and one dinner (Wednesday.)  Please note: if you do not use all of the meals offered, you will not receive a discount.

For more information on how to claim per diem, see the Defense Travel Management Office’s Per Diem Rates Query page.

In order to process a 1556 for registration, payment (credit card number or check) and a PDI registration form for each registrant must accompany the 1556. A 1556 that is received without payment cannot be processed.

Your agency may require you to fill out an SF-182 “Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training” form, but ASMC does not require this form and cannot guide you on your agency requirements to fill out the form.

However, if you need a signature to document training, we can provide this!  You must bring your SF-182 form to the registration booth at the PDI in person to get a signature.

There are fees that ASMC must pay for each payment transaction. The $50 covers the cost of these fees. Please be sure when submitting your registration, that you have followed your agency guidelines for training expenses.


Once you register for the PDI, you will receive a confirmation email. Included in this email will be a link to make hotel reservations.

ASMC has secured rooms at various hotels near the San Diego Convention Center. Once you register for the PDI, a housing link will be provided in your confirmation to make your hotel reservations. Continuous shuttle service will be offered to and from the furthest hotels.

All official ASMC hotels are within per diem except the Hilton Bayfront Hotel.  Lodging per diem in San Diego for May 2017 is $162 per night, with M&IE per diem set at $64.

The Hilton Bayfront Hotel is our headquarters hotel and is not at per diem, and we recommend that you request a waiver when submitting your travel request. The rate is $20 above, so its $182.00 single/double. All the other hotels are at per diem.


To select your courses, CLICK HERE!

Classes are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, the sooner you pick your classes, the better chance you have of getting the workshops you want. Class size limits are set in early April, and until that time, you will get your first choice (with a few exceptions). If you must give your registration to someone else to process, follow up with that individual to be certain that your registration has been forwarded to our registration contractor.

If you wish to make a change after initial course selection, workshop selections may be changed based on space available in the desired new course. Changes may be made per the directions on your confirmation e-mail. Onsite changes are limited to availability.

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