Defense Wide Service Day Agenda
Wednesday, 31 May – Ballroom 20A
9:30 AM Welcome & Administrative Remarks Tom McClutchy, Associate Director for Defense-Wide Programs, OUSD (Comptroller)
9:35 AM Opening Remarks John Roth, Performing the Duties of the Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer
10:15 AM DoD and the Fourth Estate Transition from “Audit Readiness” to Audit Mark Easton, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, OUSD (Comptroller)
10:45 AM DoD Financial Management Workforce Update Glenda Scheiner, Director, Human Capital and Resource Management, OUSD (Comptroller)
11:15 AM Congressional Outlook Michael Benjamin, Associate Director, Budget and Appropriations, OUSD (Comptroller)
12:00 AM Lunch/General Session/Exhibits
2:00 PM Welcome Back Tom McClutchy
2:05 PM Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Department of Defense Honorable Michael McCord, Former Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer
2:30 PM Comptroller Jeopardy Contact Mark Enoch to volunteer to be a contestant today! Seeking 3 two person teams.
3:00 PM Roundtable 1
3:30 PM Roundtable 2
4:00 PM Roundtable 3
4:30 PM Closeout Tom McClutchy
Round Table Discussions
Come talk to an expert!

We have a great group of experts from across the Department, ready to talk!

The most knowledgeable people in the Department of Defense will lead you through a discussion of some of the hottest, most timely issues. They will talk with you, answer your questions, and, just maybe, solve the mysteries you have wondered about, but didn’t know who to ask. (Some of our topics are similar to the full-blown workshops offered during the PDI – But in the Round Table Discussions, you will talk directly to the expert in a small group of 10. These are not repeats of the seminars.) We offer each topic three times and you select which Round Table to attend.

Interested in leading a round table discussion? Contact Mark Enoch for more information.

A full listing of those topics will be announced shortly.


2017 Round Table Discussions
1 So, you want to be an SES Gretchen Anderson, OUSD(C)
2 Congressional topic Michael Benjamin, OUSD(C)
3 Stress Management: Learn 3 tools to relieve stress Bonnie Hammersley, DoD CIO
4 Successful Career Development Teresa McKay, DFAS
5 Workforce Readiness: Best Practices in Succession Management Audrey Davis, DFAS
6 WCF Cost Transparency – Collaborative Business Management Paul Gass, DFAS
7 Reducing Legacy Systems Bruce Keith, DFAS
8 Creating a World without On Top Adjustments Dorothy Ferguson, DFAS
9 Speed Mentoring Glenda Scheiner, OUSD(C)
10 Reflections & Observations Michael McCord
11 International Agreements Joanie Stancil, OUSD(C)
12 Military Construction 101: An Overview of Milcon Authorities Faye Tavernier & Steve Birk, OUSD(C)
13 Civilian FTE in the PPBE Cycle Jae Lee, OUSD(C)
14 Apportionment 101 Vanessa Abentroth-Stanton, OUSD(C)
15 FMS Financial Management Stacie Brockway, DSCA
16 The 5Ws of Reprogrammings John Eckardt, OUSD(C)
17 Development of the DD-1414 Baseline for Reprogrammings (DW-Focused) Wesli Jensen, OUSD(C)
18 4th Estate Audit Infrastructure/Readiness Shawn Sparks, OUSD(C)
19 DATA Act Update: What’s changed? Erica Thomas, OUSD(C)
20 Improper Payments.The Real Story Brian Banal, OUSD(C)
21 JVs: A Financial Reporting Challenge Alex Diaz, OUSD(C)
22 A-123 Compliance/MICP Audrea Nelson, OUSD(C)
23 Budgeting for Information Craig Garant, DoD CIO
24 Budgeting for Cybersecurity Joel Schmick, DoD CIO
25 Technology supporting the Development and Analysis of the DoD IT Budget John Casteel, DoD CIO
26 Secrets of Successful Execution Katie Dehnbostel, DoD CIO
27 Conference Travel Rules Tony Gaudet, DoD CIO
28 Enterprise Funds Distribution (EFD) Sulema Gaughran, OUSD(C)
29 Budget Formulation Julie Lawson & Cathy Dale, DCMA
30 Working Overseas: What you need to know Trung Au, OUSD(C)
31 Excel Tips and Tricks Joshua Cherkinsky, Teksouth
32 Dashboarding with Microsoft Office Joshua Cherkinsky, Teksouth
33 5 Myths about DoD’s Financial Audit Mark Easton, OUSD(C)
34 Roll out of Defense Accounting Solutions Board (DASB) Alaleh Jenkins, OUSD(C)
35 How Will the Consolidated Agency-wide Audit Work? Mobola Kadiri, OUSD(C)
36 Why an Enterprise Cost Framework Is So Important Lora Muchmore, OUSD(C)
37 What We are Learning from D/W UoT Greg Little, OUSD(C)
38 Addressing AICPA SSAE-18 Requirements for Service Providers Jimmy Davila, OUSD(C)
39 The Value Proposition for Valuing Property Brian Sykes, OUSD(C)
40 Cash Accountability Update Ken Schulze, OUSD(C)
41 The New Fraud Framework Marlon Moreira, OUSD(C)
42 Discussing millennial aversion to taking vacations and how it affects the workplace Bryant Scott, WHS/FMD
43 WHS FMD Road Map Emilie Ting, WHS/FMD
44 Commitment and obligation validation process and is subject to supervisor approval Jay So, WHS/FMD
45 Dealing with common reasons funding gets rejected Neal Patal, WHS/FMD
46 Handling stress in the work place environment Patricia Profit, WHS/FMD
47 The CIO’s Audit Role Linda Carpenter, WHS/FMD
48 Update of Latest Accounting Standards & Policies Linda Marvin, DFAS
49 CETs: Everything You Want to Know Tracy Gifford, OUSD(C)
50 FM LMS Tricks of the Trade Dan Marchinkoski & Dave Mitolo, OUSD(C)
51 So You Think You Know How to Lead a Project from Cradle to Grave? Ed Johnson, OUSD(C)
52 FMCP Q&A Kellie O’Mara-Gordon, OUSD(C)
53 Congressional Staffer 101 Randy Toris, OUSD(C)
54 Risk management decision tools: the good, the bad, the ugly Anke Richter, DRMI
55 Analytical decision making for financial managers Erin Reeder, DRMI
56 Measuring effectiveness Christian Hansen, DRMI
57 Disburse to Treasury (D2T) Judy Shuler, DRMI
58 The Importance of Budget Justifications and Exhibits Rob Williamson, OUSD(C)